Safety Valves

ECHPI Pneumatics make Safety Valves are used for machine’s control pressure relief.

The form of control exercised by pressure relief valves is the limiting of fluid pressure and not the prevention of flow reversal. These valves are mounted on equipment that contains fluid pressure (Boilers, Pressure vessels and air receivers).

They automatically open to relieve over pressure by the discharge of fluid , there by preventing violent equipment failure.Pressure relief valves closed and prevent the further discharge of fluid when pressures in the equipment have been restored to normal.

Type Safety Valves are used for machine’s and control pressure relief.
Ends Screwed ends to BSP female and male thread
Manufacturing Range Sizes ½” NB (15mm) To 2” NB (50mm)
Inspection & Testing BS 6755/ API-598
M. O .C.S SS 304 / SS 316 Bar Stroke