Pneumatic Rotary Actuators With Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Rotary Actuators With Butterfly Valve prevents galling and scratches between the metal seat and the metal disc due to its unique design. The only time where the seal comes into contact with the seat is at the point of complete closure. Butterfly Valves are generally used in applications which require bi-directional tight shut-off in oil and gas, LNG/NPG terminal and tanks, chemical factories, and shipbuilding.

They are also used for dirty/heavy oil to extrusion. This product is using commonly pneumatic operated automation equipments.

Type Pneumatic Rotary Actuators Operated For Butterfly Valve.
Mfg. Std. BS-5155/ API-609
Ends Wafer Design
Manufacturing Range Sizes 1½” NB (40mm) To 5” NB (125mm)
Inspection & Testing BS 6755/ API-598
M. O .C. SS-316 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8M), SS-304 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8) C.S (ASTM A-216 GR WCB) other material on request.