Pneumatic Cylinder

ECHPI pneumatics manufacturing two types of pneumatic cylinders.

Single-acting cylinders (SAC) use the pressure imparted by compressed air to create a driving force in one direction (usually out), and a spring to return to the "home" position. More often than not, this type of cylinder has limited extension due to the space the compressed spring takes up. Another downside to SACs is that part of the force produced by the cylinder is lost as it tries to push against the spring. Because of those factors, single acting cylinders are recommended for applications that require no more than 100mm of stroke length.

Double-acting cylinders (DAC) use the force of air to move in both extend and retract strokes. They have two ports to allow air in, one for outstroke and one for instroke. Stroke length for this design is not limited, however, the piston rod is more vulnerable to buckling and bending. Addition calculations should be performed as well.

Type Pneumatic Air cylinder
Manufacturing Range Sizes 1 ½” NB (40mm) To 10” NB (250mm)
M. O .C. Piston Seal : U- Type Synthetic Rubber Seal With Extra Long & Rigid Innerlip for Low Friction & Zero Leakage.
Pipe : Inside is Hard Cromium Plated
Piston Rod : Ground & Hard Cromium Plated.
Seal : Special profile Cushion Seal Provided for Smooth & Jerk Free
Operation & Synthetic Rubber Rod To Prevent Ingress of Dust Wipper Seal
Mountings On Request
Rating Continuous Operation for Air Pressure up to 150 PSI & Temperature up to + 70 Deg C