Pneumatic Y Type Control Valve

ECHPI Pneumatics make Y Type Control Valve is used for control and regulate on/off application of pipeline. It is applied in many fields of pneumatic operated automation equipments like textile machines, chemical plants, pharmaceutical machines.

Type 2/2 Way Pneumatic on-off 'Y' type Control Valve Normally closed Type and Normally open Type.
End Screwed ends to BSP Full Bore
Flanged ends To 150#/Table E,F & D.
Manufacturing Range Sizes ½” NB (15mm) To 2” NB (50mm)
Flanged ends : ½” NB (15mm) To 2” NB (50mm)
M. O .C. SS-316 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8M),
SS-304 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8),
C.S (ASTM A-216 GR WCB).
Media Steam/Air/Fluid Oil
Working Pressure 16 Bar Operating pressure 4 to 10 Bar
Operating pressure 3 to 10 Bar
Working Temp 150 Deg.