Pneumatic Rotary Actuators With Ball Valve

ECHPI Pneumatics is manufacturing Pneumatic Rotary Actuators Operated For Flanged ends Ball Valves . The flow control element of a ball valve is a ball with a round hole through it.

The ball rotatates about an axis that is perpendicular to the hole and to the fluid path. The ball is always in the fluid path. However when the valve is open the hole aligns with fluid path, and the fluid passes straight through it and actuators are used on valves having rotating shafts.

Single acting actuators can be given either for opening by air nor by spring pressure and valve will be closed by spring action or by air.In the double acting actuators opening and close both are by air pressure. This product is using commonly pneumatic operated automation equipments.

Type Pneumatic Rotary Actuators Operated For Flanged ends Ball Valves.
Mfg. Std. BS-5351
Ends 1. Flanged ends to ASME B16.5 RF 150# BS 10 Table D, E & F.,
2. Screwed ends to BSP/NPT
3. Socket Weld ends
Manufacturing Range Sizes 1. ½” NB (15mm) To 4” NB (100mm) For Flanged ends
2. ½” NB (15mm) To 2” NB ( 80mm) For Screwed ends
3. ½” NB (15mm) To 2” NB ( 50mm) For Socket weld ends
Face To Face As per ASME B16.10. For Flanged ends.
Inspection & Testing BS 6755/ API-598
M. O .C. SS-316 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8M), SS-304 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8) C.S (ASTM A-216 GR WCB) other material on request.